Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Chicken Sh*t or Chicken Soup?

For the past seven years I have been going to Port St. Lucie, FL to watch NY Mets spring training baseball games. For the last five years I have spent about 5 weeks there. I have rented several different condos, first on Hutchinson Island and more recently in PGA Village. (I found most rentals on Craigslist.) This year, I thought I had found a "good deal", a unit similar to the one I have rented the past two years, but at 2/3 the price. I got an ID from the person (Josh) offering the rental and in November sent a deposit of $300.

Late last week, I sent an email asking a few details, discussing arrival time, etc. By Sunday, I still had not received a response, so I called the cell number I had called him on before. I got a message that the number was not in service! On Monday, starting to panic, I sent an overnight letter via UPS. (Who knew UPS worked on President's day?)

About noon today, I got a call from Josh. Did I not get the email he sent on Friday? I quickly found that he sent it to an email address that I only use on my laptop. Bottom line: the unit has been sold and I would not be able to rent it. He has sent a money order with my deposit. However, he found a house for rent nearby. He would send the Friday email to my home email address.

I called the owner of the house: a two-year old three bedroom, 2 baths, tile and hardwood floors, a patio, a garage, fully furnished. The price was only $100 more than the condo. I agreed to rent it and sent another deposit.

I guess when I arrive there on February 25, I'll know if I made soup or more sh*t!

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Junosmom said...

I hope it works out and that your family can make use of the extra space and come visit.