Tuesday, December 16, 2008

It's Snowing--No School!

Well actually I am well past my schooldays and in fact most schools are in session. However, as some of you know, Junosmom and I work at the church thrift shop on Tuesday afternoon. I just got a phone call that, due to the weather, the shop will be closed today!

I hardly know what I'll do with this extra time. I am sure Junosmom has lots of things to fill the void. As a mother of home schooled children do you think she gives them the day off when public schools are closed?


pita-woman said...

That could open up a whole plethora of questions... do they get awards for perfect attendance? Does mucking out stalls count towards extra-credit?
Is it possible to be expelled?

Junosmom said...

My girls are often asked if school is out or if they are finished for the day if out and about. Lauren once said, "I go to school at home, so I'm never finished."

As for what to do with that two whole hours of "free time"? I had already gone to Wm's art class, I then drove Lauren to piano lessons, while she was there, I went to Walmart, went back to get her, came home cleaned house, made dinner, made banana bread, made cookie dough for tomorrow....Shall I go on?

And no, they didn't get the day off.

Robin said...

Ha! I know, yeah, I get "snow days" in our business, which usually constitutes catching up on the books. But sometimes I watch Lifetime: Television for Women....oh yeah! I do!

What get's me is...when someone I encounter on a workday says, "Aren't you glad it's Friday?"...and I think, "friday? it's FRIDAY>!" Friday means nothing to us...we have to work when we can and it doesn't matter what day of the week it is!

But yeah...I get snow days! Or rain days. And about once a year I get a day off when my "give a shit" breaks and needs to heal!