Saturday, December 13, 2008

The Dental Hygiene Caper

My periodontist has always suggested using an electric toothbrush. I have been using a Braun Oral B for years. It is the type that recharges its batteries when you put it back on its stand.

Things went fine for many years. I even remembered to change the brush occasionally, but I am sure it was way later than recommended. Then the proverbial sh*t hit the fan! The damn think would not turn OFF! I found that it would turn off if you put it back on its charger. Otherwise it ran all the time.

The greatest challenge was to put the toothpaste onto the brush. You know “the hitting the moving object challenge”. But, as I am an engineer, and know about centrifugal force this task was somewhat easily mastered. So the only inconvenience was after I rinsed off the brush and went to put it back onto its stand. Centrifugal force was still at work, flinging little drops of water all over the place, including the bottom of the mirror. This brought unkind comments from my significant other. I do not even want to know what the cleaning person thought.

So I broke down and went to StuffMart. For about $20 I got a new brush. Peace once again reigns in our household. I still wonder if that brush is still running in the trash can, as it was running when I threw it in there. If you are at landfill and hear a toothbrush running, you will know it is mine.


Junosmom said...

That's funny, Chuck. You should have brought it to the shop and seen if you could sell it while it was sitting there running.

pita-woman said...

I am sooo sitting here laughing w/tears in my eyes. Too funny!!!

Sepiru Chris said...


I meant to post earlier and realized I hadn't when I showed this entry to a friend of mine who also has dental hygiene tool issues...

We both were laughing, reading your post.

I very much enjoy your explanation of how being an engineer helped you figure out how to master the problem...

I am not sure that all readers would agree with your definition of "mastering the problem"..., but many mechanical engineers would not see any other solution as being reasonable...

Very amusing post.