Friday, December 5, 2008

Chuck’s Constable Corner

It is just one month since I was elected constable. In my last Constable post I mentioned that I needed to get a citation book from “Frankfort”, the state capitol. It is now 21 days since I started trying to find out where to get this book.

I contacted the Kentucky Constables Association via email and got a quick response. They had some at their executive director’s office in Louisville, just call for some. A call to this office was answered by the association’s president. He told me to call someone else who could meet me at the office, however this gentleman was sick and evidently not yet recovered, as a message on his cell phone has not been returned.

I was also told that I could order a book through the state police. Two days ago I spoke to EIGHT people in the state police. I was finally faxed an order form. I wanted ONE citation book and an instruction manual. However the form only listed a CASE of TWENTY citation books. I faxed the order back to State Police Supply, with a note asking them to please only send ONE book. Now I sit waiting to see what the UPS man will bring me!

Along the way to finding a citation book, I was told that I need an ORI#. This number is part of a crime reporting system. You can’t write a citation without one. I quickly found the number assigned to my position via a Google search. However a few days later I got a call from the “computer room” at the state police. The ORI# I found was correct but inactive. No problem! He would send an email to the FBI to activate it under my name. This should take “just a few days.”

So here I SIT. I guess a constable without a citation book (and an ORI#) is like a physician without a prescription pad! But he wants to cure sick people. I just want to enforce parking regulations. It looks like the violators will get a break for a little while longer.


Junosmom said...

I am wondering where you intend to enforce parking regulations (so I know where NOT to park).

Sepiru Chris said...

I am breathing a sigh of relief for the offenders... but make sure you really nail the jerks who park in special access zones. Nothing frosts me more than people without mobility issues taking those spots because they are "convenient" and empty...

Rant over. Hope you get through the paperwork soon and get your paper to work.