Saturday, March 28, 2009

Word Usage

I just read a blog by a blogger whom I regularly read. I could not help but notice how many words in the blog ended in "ing". If I counted right there were 23. Then it bothered me that I could not remember what part of speech these words are. Google to the rescue!

-ING WORDS "The present participle form of English verbs ends in -ing. Its most basic use is to describe an action in progress, whether as part of a compound verb, an adjective, or in a participal phrase."

I've been living in KY for almost 7 years now and still notice how often the word "wanting" is used. This is not the case in NJ and CT. Do you suppose it started with a student who did not have enough words in is essay so added some "wanting"s. For example "I am wanting to go to the store" has one more words that "I want to go to the store".

When I spell checked the above in MS Word it want to change the “I am wanting” to “I want”!

Is "wanting" used where you live? (Please post where you live in your answer.)

Of course adding "I am just going to go ahead and" adds even more words, but I am going to go ahead and save that topic for another blog.


Sepiru Chris said...

Hi Chuck,

I guess it wasn't me becuase I have 49 (50 including the title) present participles (most in the progressive aspects) and a couple of gerunds thrown in for fun in my post...

A couple might be misused, but it was a story with different temporal perspectives relayed from perspective of looking back at completed actions, yet also quasi joining into the moments...

I think I should be permitted those, no? :)

Welcome back from Florida!


chuckmccky said...

It was not you Chris. BTW, I am still in Florida. Hot and humid night. I am SO glad car A/C decided to work tonight.

Sepiru Chris said...

Dear Chuck,

There goes the egocentric scribe again. :)

Continue enjoying your vacation, and the relative warmth and humidity.

I am off to India in a few days, and, while I have become entirely accustomed to the weather in Hong Kong, I know, as usual, I will be knocked on my back by India's latent heat and swelter.


pita-woman said...

Now Constable-Chuck, you're s'posed to be goING after real criminals here in our little town, not verbal criminals on the 'net. LOL!!!
Okay, you really have me paranoid though. **sigh** Now you've given me somethING else to start watchING for when I type. ;)
I don't think "wantING" is a word I typically use. If I am guilty of it, then I guess it slips in to my vocabulary without my realizING it.
(only 5 "ing"'s in this comment, is that good or bad??)

Junosmom said...

I've been needing to catch up on your blogging, but owing to the fact that that I'm keeping up with the kids and all, mowing grass now that it is growing, and wanting to help the girls studying and all, well, reading and writing has taken a back seat.
From KY where "need" and "want" are action verbs.

Traceytreasure said...

I cuss a lot, I hope it wasn't my blog! hahaha!
I don't think wanting is over-used here since I've never heard it used that way before your post.
TT from AZ