Sunday, January 4, 2009

MTM - a Historical Look

1950: The town converts to dial telephones.

1955: Kentucky State Police builds post headquarters in town.

1961: Voting machines (instead of handwritten ballots) are used at the polls.

1967: Train derailment rips out 356 feet of track and derails 24 wrecked railroad cars.

1970: Rescue ambulance service begins in the county.

1975: The first “strip mall” in town opens with four stores.

1980: The 911 emergency number is installed in the county.

1986: The Humane Society is incorporated.

1990: County opens a new 71-bed regional jail.

1995: Ground is broken for the third Middle School in the county.

2002: The third Middle School opens.

2008: The County Public Library opens its new “green” facility.


Junosmom said...

Rip roaring progess, eh?

Sepiru Chris said...

I am in a bit of shock that hand written ballots were used in 1961...