Saturday, November 22, 2008

Picky, Picky

The other day when I bought in the mail, I noticed that three envelopes had been returned, as they did not have stamps on them. You see DW has this system for paying her bills, all of which are credit card payments for her shopping excursions and online purchases. She writes the check, puts it in an envelope and writes the date to be mailed on the outside.

As a good DH I put stamps on the envelopes and posted them at the post office so that they would not be further delayed. When I told DW what had happened she said that the post office was so picky!


Junosmom said...

What a good dh you are. Maybe that should be a government reform - free postage.

pita-woman said...

That's why I've taken to paying my bills on-line. Saves the postage, I know exactly when the payment will get there, and won't have to gamble with the mailman losing my payment in that "Black hole" they call the postal system.